Self Portrait Stock Session

POTENTIAL CONCEPTS Levitation portraits. Night portraits. Test LED light on garage roof at night.


Street Portraits

I want to recreate these specific photos, and explore the basic elements of them to create new images.

Subway Portraits

Levitation Portraits

Jewelry Shoots

Fashion editorial style portraits focused on jewelry

Gentleman Mage

Divination Portraits

Witchy magical portraits with a crystal ball as the main prop.

Dark Portraits

Moody portraits with a dark visual theme; black background, rich lighting and heavy shadows.

Cover Composites

Creative shoots and editing aimed at creating book cover and movie poster style images.

Liquid Portraits

SHOOT – Witch of the Wood

Witch of the Wood


Mood board for an upcoming vampire-themed shoot.

Urban Warrior

Urban action heroes – street fighters and sorcerers fighting evil in the magical underground of Los Angeles.

Modern Witch

Modern Witch

Photography Studies

The objective of this project is to create one new photo every day.

Bathtub Portraits

I want to shoot a range of concepts centered around bathtubs. Concepts range from fashion editorial to creepy horror themes to

Location Scouting

This is my active list of solid locations for Diverse Stock shoots.

Arcane Agent

Detective in a secret agency that protects the city from the dark powers in the magic underground of Los Angeles.

Schools of Magic

A series of eight photos that represent the eight schools of magic found in the Dungeons & Dragons game system.

PostApo Portraits

PostApo Portraits

CONCEPT – Double Exposure Portraits

Double Exposure Portraits

Raven Queen

I want to create this character in a series of portraits.