Water Panel Portraits

Water Panel Portraits

Body Parts Portraits

Subway Portraits

Reflection Portraits

Pulp Covers

Provocative Editorial Portraits

Natural Light Portraits

Mannequin Portraits

Magical Fashion

Portraits with a fashion editorial feel combined with a magical dimension, like spellcasting poses, supernatural effects like

Low Angle Portraits

Gentleman Mage

Distance Portraits

These are portraits of people shot from a distance. Someone on a roof, in a window across the street, in a doorway, etc.

Cover Composites

Creative shoots and editing aimed at creating book cover and movie poster style images.

Witch of the Wood

Witch of the Wood


Mood board for an upcoming vampire-themed shoot.

Urban Warrior

Urban action heroes – street fighters and sorcerers fighting evil in the magical underground of Los Angeles.

Bathtub Portraits

I want to shoot a range of concepts centered around bathtubs. Concepts range from fashion editorial to creepy horror themes to

CONCEPT – Cinematic Portraits

Tunnel Portraits

Exploring all the possibilities of shooting portraits in an excellent tunnel location in Hollywood.

Hallway Portraits

Hallway Portraits

Book Covers

Book Covers

CONCEPT – Romance & Erotica

Romance Covers

CONCEPT – Creepy Portraits

You know, just some creepy portraits.

CONCEPT – Iconic Portraits

Personal Portraits

Water Portraits

Water Portraits

CONCEPT – Scenic Portraits

Scenic Portraits

CONCEPT – Nude Portraits

Nude Portraits

Magical Portraits

Magical Portraits

Face Portraits

Face Portraits

CONCEPT – Sense of Place

Photos that evoke a strong sense of place.

CONCEPT – Urban Landscapes

Excellent examples of the kind of urban landscapes I like.