SHOOT – Magical People Portraits

The next evolution of this concept. Currently curating a final mood board for it.

THE CONCEPT. I am a portrait photographer in Los Angeles who happens to be the preferred photographer of the semi-hidden magical underworld. I shoot a variety of work for the magical folk of LA, from classic personal portraits to social media content (many magical people enjoy pushing the boundaries of showing off their magic), as well as creative art portraits (because plenty of magical types are very much artists).  Imagine people who incorporated their very personal sense of style into the way they manifest their magic into the world.

  • Fashionable Magic. Fashion editorial portraits of the stylish side of the magic underground. These shots represent the best in classic fashion editorial photography, but there should always be something notably magical about them; magical energy around them, spellcasting poses, etc.
  • Spellcasting Poses. Imagine the physical techniques involved in spellcasting were a thing like yoga or dance, and doing creative photoshoots of magic-users doing that were a thing.
  • Street Photography / Candids / Documentary. These are the shots where you’re capturing a moment, the storytelling shots where we’re seeing magical people in the moment of doing magical things or just being magical.
  • Personal Portraits. Proper portraits, the kind you’d hang above your mantle or in a grand hallway, the kind you might have on a tarot deck.

PROJECT PROCESS. Each shoot will have it’s primary character focus, so developing a specific character for each shoot is critical. The creative objective for the shoot is to get just a few shots that you’ll use to create this magical character portrait, complete with creative editing, etc. The rest of the shots will be for stock. So, you can shoot a lot of other visual concepts, but stick to the magical character concept for the main arc of this project. Basically, you’re focusing on your particular creative goals for the shoot, but shooting a wide variety of shots for other people to use for their own projects as well.