Tunnel Portraits

Bring GoPro for some wide-angle shots in the tunnel

Experiment with flash photography

Fashion photography angle – always get some shots with a fashion editorial feel. Build your portfolio of brand-centric shots to appeal to potential brands (wardrobe/jewelry/props) for collaborations.

Get some tattoo magazine type shots, basic sexy glamour + some shots focusing on her tattoos like the subject, central piece of art.

Video. Shoot video of model running down tunnel


For each set, begin with cover portraits, then finish with nudes. Start with jeans/shirt, then add hoodie, then remove shirt

Try to come up with ‘model’ poses that look like casting spells

SET 1 – Scenic Portraits. Full scene shots with tunnel in background.

SET 2 – Closeup Portraits. Shots from 3/4 to face closeups with perspectives of the tunnel behind subject.