SHOOT – Urban Fantasy with Moriah Brown


I went into the shoot pretty keyed up with anxiety, so that’s something I seriously need to work on. I need to get serious about my mental and physical health. Considering that, though, it went pretty well for my second shoot. It felt like a test shoot, rather than an ‘official’ shoot, more like the shoot with Sara, but more solid.

My general notion going into this shoot was to get a blend of urban fantasy cover shots and fashion editorial shots. Overall, I was successful in getting some great shots that serve both those purposes.

I’m going to sort the images from this shoot into two categories: urban fantasy cover stock and fashion editorial shots. The former I’ll run by Michele and get her feedback. The latter I’ll send to Lindsay for feedback.

There are some really sexy shots in here that are too sexy (too much boob action) for urban fantasy stock, and not quite fashion editorial material. I’m looking at these and thinking about my sensual/boudoir/erotic fantasy book idea. I definitely need to go into these shoots with more specific ideas about what I want to shoot for this side project, if I’m going to make it a thing.


Moriah is a great model for a variety of projects. She’s gorgeous, she has an intriguing look, solid presence, she takes direction well, she’s easy-going and grounded, and she’s creatively inclined. 


Right off the bat, I wasn’t well-prepared to work with the 10am-ish light. Strong, direct sunlight is trickier than it seems. I didn’t put enough effort into finding the right settings and some shots that would have been great ended up too overexposed to salvage for high-end applications. Having a canopy to hide under for reviewing images in the viewfinder will help tremendously. That strong sunlight gives distinct shadows, and I didn’t pay close enough attention to them. 

I was also winging it, primarily; I didn’t really refer to any mood board images or notes. It was very casual, which on the one hand is great in terms of enjoying the shoot, but as I’m reviewing the photos, I always end up wishing I’d been more ‘on’, more focused on giving direction, etc. I’ll just start adding more of that to each shoot as I go.

The Foxblood hoodie is really floppy, so it’s a challenge to get those classic ‘hooded figure’ shots. I still like it and will definitely be playing with it a lot, and I’d like to focus on trying to get those classic hooded shots. Eventually I’ll look for some other options that use slightly more stiff material, to hold the shape of the hood better.