Schools of Magic


The purpose of this project is to create a series of eight photos that represent the eight schools of magic found in the Dungeons & Dragons game system. Each image will be a portrait of a person casting a specific spell belonging to one of the magical disciplines. The set of eight photos will be sold both individually and as a set, in a variety of sizes and print types, initially through Redbubble. Aside from these primary portrait shots, I will also be shooting a variety of other shots to sell as stock photography on my boutique stock store, Fantastic Stock.

PARAMETERS. All eight characters will be human, and will represent a diverse range of ethnicities. They will all belong to the same ‘world’ (i.e. in terms of art direction, there should be a consistent visual thread that makes the viewer feel like they are all part of the same magical world, like Harry Potter films). Wardrobe will be contemporary/modern