Cover Stock Trade Shoots

WHAT THE PHOTOGRAPHER GETS: My purpose with these shoots is to create exceptional and high-quality images to be sold as book covers through my boutique stock photography store, Spectrum Stock. Concepts range across the spectrum of story genres, including fantasy/scifi, mystery/suspense/horror, romance & erotica, as well as literary fiction.

Here are a few examples of things I’ve already shot for this project:

WHAT THE MODEL GETS: In exchange for your time and talent as a model, I will provide you with your favorite 3–5 shots from the concept shoot as final edited images to use however you like. In addition, we can shoot a full set of photos with whatever look/concept/theme you’d like for your own purposes (portfolio, headshots, social media/lifestyle content, Patreon content, etc.). I also shoot and edit video and can create video content for you as well.

I’ll be looking to collaborate with some apparel and jewelry brands for some of these shoots and possibly submitting images to various publications.

If you’re interested in collaborating on one of my cover stock trade shoots, get in touch!